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I love to eat, I always have. One of my earliest photos shows me sucking on a roast chicken leg, I was still a baby, I could’t even walk and could barely hold the leg myself. Nothing has changed since those days, my early passion evolved into a lifetime love of good food and the daily enjoyments created in and through my kitchen. To gather at our long wooden table with friends and family, to share a great time over food and wine, that’s a daily feast to me, the part of the day I always look forward to, to cook, to bake, to eat and to treat.

My mother has always been my culinary guide on this journey, through her I learnt and understood cooking and baking as an essential part of my life and who I am, something I enjoy so much and love to share with all the special people around me. I gladly experienced so many wonderful moments at her table or later on at my own, true feasts which became my most beloved memories caressing my soul! To enjoy good food is magical, it’s like music, it can put you in a different time, place and mood whenever you want.

Many of my recipes are inspired by my mother, her sense for good quality products and her sensual approach to food. I enjoy my kitchen experiences with all my senses just like her, I want to smell it, taste it, feel and enjoy it! Another big influence on my cooking is the beautiful island of Malta in the Mediterranean where my boyfriend’s family comes from. He is Maltese/ American but grew up on this rock, that’s what he calls his island home south of Sicily. We spend lots of time there, especially in summer and every year brings more recipes into my life. I love the island’s amazing seafood, the herbs, vegetables, the famous Gbejna cheese, coarse Maltese sausage and the ripe fruits, especially the lemons and oranges from my mother in law’s garden. I’m lucky, the family is as obsessed with food as I am, we spend nights over wonderful dinners at friend’s and family’s houses, discovering new restaurants, or just enjoying the sea sitting on the rocks with a glass of wine in our hands and nibbling some Maltese snacks.

My cooking grew a lot with these influences. The two worlds, Malta and my current home city Berlin unite in my pots and pans and offer an unlimited source of inspiration to write daily about my cooking and baking. I started eat in my kitchen in November 2013 with the intention to share a new recipe each day and so far I never felt let down by my passion or creativity. I enjoy this experience, to share what ends up on our dining table in our old flat on one of Berlin’s wide boulevards. So often my friends ask me what I am going to cook for dinner, looking for some cooking stimulation. That’s what eat in my kitchen is about, I would love to make you curious to try out whatever catches your appetite. Feel free to play with the recipes, to assimilate them to your taste and create your own kitchen entertainment.

The products I cook and bake with are mainly organic, especially eggs, meat and dairy products. I always prefer to cook seasonal but – if the quality is right – I am not dogmatic about it. I love to find and support small producers of regional products like my sea salt which is from Mr. Cini’s salt pans in Gozo. To me it is the best salt in the world and, as I always spend some time in Gozo’s sister island Malta in the summer months, I love to visit him at his salt pans to stock up my salt for the next year.

All the photos on eat in my kitchen are taken by me as photography is another passion of mine. Most of them were taken at our home but sometimes I leave the house to share some other culinary adventures with you.

I feel thankful for all the great feedback I receive every day and I love to hear your opinion, questions or suggestions if you tried out some of my recipes. If you have any questions about eat in my kitchen please send me an email. If you don’t want to miss any of eat in my kitchen‘s posts feel free to subscribe here for the weekly newsletter, you will get my eat in my kitchen posts daily when you subscribe with the Follow button at the bottom.


Meike xx

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in English (October 4th, 2016) and in German (September 26th, 2016)

Winner of the 2017 James Beard Award, General Cooking category

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